MY World 2030

The first phase of MY World - MY World 2015 - was designed to bring the voices of individual people into the political deliberations on the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and it has been highly successful in doing so. Over 9.7 million people have responded to the survey, and the results have fed into every part of the political process for creating the new goals. MY World 2015 has been cited as part of the High Level Panel deliberations, the Open Working Group discussions, the PGA consultations and the Independent Expert Group on Data.

As we look forward towards localization and implementation of the SDGs in line with the UNDG MAPS Framework, the next phase of MY World – MY World 2030– has been developed as an adaptable platform for citizen generated data and engagement with the SDGs. The MY World 2030 survey will allow people from around the world to tell the UN what they are passionate about in the SDG agenda and give a gauge of perceived progress over the next 15 years. The project will collect globally comparable data - both at scale and nationally representative – and nationally adaptive data to report back on SDG progress whilst also building dialogue between decision makers such as parliamentarians, local governments, mayors, and citizens in order to contribute a “people’s perspective” on how to implement the new agenda at different levels.