MY World 2030 STREAMS

Both streams of MY World 2030 are based on the final list of Sustainable Development Goals and targets. These sit under a common MY World brand, with a set of easily used tools and a common structure and build upon some of the powerful MY World building blocks such as global common good, standard questions, data aggregation and disaggregation, political space, potential for partner branding and ownership and powerful visualizations and storytelling for advocacy.

It will build from the experience with MY World, allowing the flexibility to add additional questions; to give space for more granular conversations and to greater utility and engagement. MY World 2 will be designed in a modular way so that interested parties can use the brand, methodology, platform and data visualization tool to dig deeper into results and address specific areas.

The platform will contain pre-designed questions and be developed in such a way that is relevant to these different iterations without the need for reinventing (and reinvesting in) a new platform each time. The data visualizations and corresponding database would also have capacity to adapt. Crucially, all data gathered will be aggregated into a platform which would allow for cross-analysis and dis/aggregation of different data sources on numerous topics. This would create an interactive dashboard for citizen-derived data on the SDGs presented in an accessible format and kept open source.