This collaborative platform between civil society and the UN has facilitated online portions of the UNDG 11 thematic consultations, 100 national consultations, and the UNDG Dialogues on Implementation. In addition, WWW features more than 1600 outcome documents from over 20 datasets (an estimated more than 1 million qualitative inputs) which include Post-2015 consultations by: CSOs, academia, UN Global Compact. These datasets also include award-wining solutions from indigenous communities and from academia, therefore becoming a place for local solutions to be shared and learnt from, a space for open-knowledge, open-data, and cooperation. WWW has therefore become a one-stop shop for people’s engagement with policy making. It has also allowed policy makers to better understand the needs and priorities of their constituents through data visualizations and timely reports and infographics such as the Peoples Voices Briefs for the Open Working Group, and the People's Voices Box for the President of the UNGA.